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facio design is a small web & print studio based in benfleet, essex


Here's some of our very latest work

This website is closed and not active anymore.

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★ - From the Blog - ★


Retina Macbook Pro

With the release by Apple of the higher resolution macbook pro’s, how will this affect web design in the near and long term?


Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Creative Suite was announced yesterday in San Francisco. Here’s my response to the some new features and missed opportunities.


Taking time to think

Returning from New Adventures in Web Design 2012, I’ve been inspired to do things differently. Create stuff, break stuff and take time out.

★ - From the Labs - ★

Experimental Navigation with CSS3 Transitions and Transforms

This idea came from an interview I saw with Iain M. Banks some months ago. Having all pages viewable and then users select one to view.

Building a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k with CSS3

We’ve built the original home computer using just css3, no images.Take a look in webkit browsers like Google Chrome or Safari